Be aware of dress codes in jordan

Jordan is quickly becoming a modern cultural hub, and this is reflected in its increasingly modern clothing styles. However, freedom in terms of dress code will always be limited; it’s important to know that there are still certain[...]
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Good news for smokers

Many Jordanians enjoy smoking, and it’s a custom that’s allowed almost anywhere and everywhere, including taxis, public transport, streets and shopping malls. And who hasn’t heard of the people’s most[...]
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Don’t drink water from just anywhere

Tap water is not drinkable in Jordan. Unlike in Western countries, tap water in Jordan is only used to wash things. Nonetheless, you can get drinkable water delivered to your doorstep at any time of day, or you can bottles in corner shops or[...]
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The Arab ‘five minutes’ rule

Jordanian people love being spontaneous and easy-going, specially when it comes to making plans and appointments. People might simply show up and hang out, invite you to come over at a specific time, or plan a road trip and leave[...]
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Never say no to food

Jordanians are very generous and hospitable people. They take their guests’ comfort very seriously, and go to great lengths to make them feel at home. It is also a known fact that they enjoy sharing their meals with everyone. Always[...]
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